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Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

2011: Volume 1, Issue 2

Preclinical Evaluation Methods for Screening of Anti-Atherosclerotic Drugs: An Overview
Author(s): Bibave KH, Shenoy PA, Mahamuni SP, Bandawane DD, Nipate SS, Chaudhari PD
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Isolation, Yield optimization and Characterization of bioactive compounds from soil bacteria utilizing HPLC and Mass Spectra
Author(s): Panda N, Nandi S, Chakraborty T
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Effect of Sustained Release Solid Dispersions on Dissolution of Poorly Soluble Drug
Author(s): Sarkar B, Jain Devananda, Agarwal A, Panwar A.S
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Formulation And Evaluation Of Carbopol Microspheres Of Metformin HCl
Author(s): Deb J, Venkateswarlu BS, Ghosh A, Choudhuri T, Paul P, Faizi M
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Effects of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Deprivation on Pain Perception Level in Male Wistar Rats
Author(s): Ajao FO
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Formulation development and dissolution enhancement of Compeba-400 (Metronidazole-400) tablet
Author(s): Kapoor D, Rajora A, Saini V
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