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Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

2015: Volume 5, Issue 50

Mutations in surface protein of swine flu: A major problem for H1N1 inhibitor
Author(s): Mukesh Kumar Gupta
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Evaluation of the Ocular Effects of Clonidine Following Therapuetic Use
Author(s): GWE S. A., Nwobodo N. N., Nwadike K. N., Ebo E. N., Agbata C
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Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Caffeic Acid Analogue for Peptide Deformylase Based Antimicrobial Activity
Author(s): Rabindra Nanda, Kripa Shankar Nainawat, Sohan S Chitlange, Swarupa Hatolar
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Pregabaline, gabapentin and nefedipine in pentylenetetrazole-kindled mice
Author(s): Ahmed shata Abdel-Moneim Hafez
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A Comparative study between infant and neonate patient suffering from diarrhea in Dhaka city of Bangladesh
Author(s): FARHANA RIZWAN, Forhad Monjur, Nafisa Tanjia, Nobo Krishna Ghosh
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The relationship between HS-CRP serum levels with the results of cardiac perfusion SPECT imaging in patients with suspected coronary artery disease
Author(s): Hamidreza Rashidinejad, Mansoor Moazanzadeh, Hosein Mirshekarpoor, Farzaneh Ebrahimi
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Author(s): Sobana Premlatha Thangaraj
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Solubility Enhancement of Telmisartan Using Mixed Hydrotropy Approach
Author(s): Phulzalke S.B, Kate B.A, Bagade M. Y.
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