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Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

2016: Volume 6 Issue 56

Synthesis and Medicinal Significance of Chalcones- A Review
Author(s): Chavan BB, Gadekar AS, Mehta PP, Vawhal PK, Kolsure AK, Chabukswar AR
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Abortifacient Effect of Amaranthus viridis L. Aqueous Root Extract on Albino Rats
Author(s): Kanerkar UR, Bhogaonkar PY, Indurwade NH
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Thyroid Dysfunction in Central Referral Hospital, Sikkim
Author(s): Bhutia SC, Bhutia KL, Singh TA
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Effect of Spirulina platensis as dietary Supplement on Some Biological Traits for Chickens under Heat Stress Condition
Author(s): Zeweil H, Abaza IM, Zahran SM, Ahmed MH, Haiam M, Asmaa AS
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Assessment of Relationship between Streptococcus mutans, Dental Caries and TGF-?
Author(s): Eslami H, Zarandi A, Pouralibaba H, Fakhrzadeh V, Falsafi P, Rezaii Sepas R
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A Prospective Study on Medication Prescribing Pattern for Geriatric Patients in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
Author(s): Goudanavar P, Keerthi Y, Elezabeth John S, Jacob J, Rama Krishna MS
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