Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Current Issue

2019: Volume 9, Issue 67

Research Article P.1-7

Job satisfaction of doctors working at Upazila Health Complexes in Barisal District.

Author(s): Md. Haroon Or Rashid*, Mirajul Islam, Ahmed Imtiaz, Hasina Mahmuda Ferdushi, AKM Salahuddin, Monzur Hussain Chowdhury, Tufael


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Research Article P.7-12

Assessment of prescription patterns and drug use across the Kurdistan region.

Author(s): *Rawaz Tawfeeq, Tarin Tahssen Obied, Aram Ommar


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Research Article P.13-17

Docking study and result conclusion of heterocyclic derivatives having urea and acyl moiety.

Author(s): Rakhi Mishra*, Avijit Mazumder, Rupa Mazumder, Prem Shankar Mishra, Preeti Chaudhary


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Research Article P.18-23

Kinetic properties of Rhodanese from African locust bean seeds (Parkia biglobosa)

Author(s): Adeola Folashade Ehigie, Mohammed Adewumi Abdulrasak, Fiyinfoluwa D Ojeniyi and Ona Leonard Ehigie


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